Getting lost on the way to my ordination rehearsal...

The beginnings of ministry in a new place, among new people are very difficult.
People are sussing you out, as you are getting to know them. Will you be their kind of curate/vicar? How long will you stay? Will they like you?

Lots of questions.

When clergy move to curacies on ordination the questions they ask include the following:
where's town? where's the supermarket? where am I? where is the cathedral / retreat house? will I look stupid in this clerical shirt? what on earth will I do? will I get on with the vicar? How can I get the house decorated and move in and still manage to go on the retreat and cook for 30 people the day of the ordination?

I remember being in my curate's house before ordination, I didn't know which way was north and south, or where the house was...I didn't know which way Worcester was, nor where the cathedral was in Worcester, so I arrived late, having eventually found it thanks a a local man whose car I followed. And the ordination retreat? I got there, but with no directions or instructions it was a little testing. And did I say I got lost on the way back from the ordination and arrived home an hour after everyone else - so much for preparing a meal for all my family and friends.

Note to DDOs - send people a map and directions so they know how to get to the cathedral and to the ordination retreat house.

And after ordination? A clear desk... on the first morning for the first and last time ever in ministry.